Thursday, July 1, 2010

Error loading form in IE6 - "An Error has occured. Try this action again" / "An Error has happened getting the date"

Recently I noticed an issue with viewing some forms using Internet Explorer 6. Here's the senario:

You try to open an entity with a large number of attributes (often multiple date fields). But the form partially loads with the note in the status bar "X items remaining".
At this point IE is not responfing and the only option is to wait or End Task in the Task Manager.

After a long wait, the form finally loads. But with Errors:

You may also get various other errors.

This error is probably related to the maximum number of concurrent TCP connections that Internet Explorer 6 can open. By default IE 6 only allows maximum of two TCP connections. If the browser tries to open a third, it freezes and waits for another connection to become available. This is particularly seen on a web page with several http AJAX type calls to the server. Various CRM 4.0 components such as the date/time field use AJAX to retrieve data.
This problem has been resolved in IE 8.0 onwards. But you can increase the TCP connections in a browse using a registry setting that’s often used to improve and speed up IE’s performance.

Open RegeditNavigate to [HKEY_CURRRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Add a new DWORD
Enter a decimal value for the new Key of at least 8

Add another new DWORD
Enter a decimal value for the new Key of at least 8

More details on setting this registry key:

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